About cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites you visit. Cookies can be deleted or disabled at any time by using the privacy settings in your browser. However, if you disable cookies completely this may mean that you will not be able to use some of the services offered by our websites. Below is an overview of the types of cookies we use on JoDA's websites. For more information about cookies, go to http://www.journal-digitalassets.org.

Session cookies and persistent cookies

Most of the cookies we use are session cookies.

Session cookies are stored only for as long as you stay on a site. When you leave, the cookie is removed from your computer. This type of cookie is usually placed as soon as you arrive on the site and is used to identify you uniquely as you navigate so that we can ensure that any choices you make are correctly applied to you.

As an example, a session cookie from the JoDA is randomly generated and looks like this: A91E999014ECDFDDBB533E9550D2F9D9

On sites where we operate a shopping cart we will also use a session cookie to help remember the items you select.

Persistent cookies are placed on your computer and stay there when you leave a site. We use them to improve your experience on our site. You can delete or disable this type of cookie at any time by adjusting the privacy settings on your browser.

First-party cookies and third-party cookies

First-party cookies are those placed on your computer by the sites you visit. This type of cookie is set by JoDA and used for security services such as login and shopping carts, and additional functional services such as personal settings.

Third-party cookies are those placed by other websites or organizations when you visit a site. For example, if you visit website A, organizations B and C who provide services for website A and its users may place a cookie on your computer. This type of cookie is most commonly used for tracking and analysis - for example, to provide data back to the operator of website A about which pages are visited most frequently. As you navigate a JoDA website you may receive third-party cookies such as those described below.

Analytics cookies are set by companies who give us specialized tracking data so that we can improve the way our websites work, and count the number of visitors or gauge the popularity of a particular feature. These cookies do not collect personal information; they allocate a number to identify each individual user and the user's navigation route through the site is recorded against that number. These analytics cookies expire at the end of any session.

We may also use a third party service to facilitate delivery of video to your browser; to support you in making comments or participating in discussions; or to help us make recommendations to you as you browse one of our sites. These third parties may have their own opt-out and privacy policies.

To change your browser's cookie and privacy settings

Your browser will enable you to customize your cookie settings. Typically, you will find the controls under the browser's 'Options' or 'Preferences' menu. The exact level of customization will depend on your browser; refer to your browser's help or http://www.journal-digitalassets.org for detailed instructions.

JoDA's privacy policy

Please go to http://www.journal-digitalassets.org to view our full privacy policy.